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Train Yourself To

Turn Vision Into Reality

At work or at home, our closest relationships can also be the source of our greatest distress. The Institute for Heroic Living, provides training in how to breakthrough and thrive with the people most important to you.


VIP Life Design Coaching 

A Legendary Life Strategy Program to your personal and/or professional requirements.


Efficacius is Greek

for effectual or useful.

When any leader wants to transform their team's performance, they are so close to the culture it is challenging to identify where to begin and what to do to be effectual.

Efficacius Institute for Transformational Trainers provides the understanding and training to know where to focus and what to do to consult, coach and train leaders in creating high performing cultures.



The Hero Being Process

Is an online gymnasium for the mind, where you can develop your ability to master change while turning obstacles into opportunities. It is an opening to train yourself to order chaos and release beauty by discovering and re-aligning assumptions that govern your life, transforming your ability to love others while liberating your conscience to heroically fulfill your unique purpose with freedom, love, and creativity.