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Train Yourself To

Turn Vision Into Reality


Learn to order chaos & release beauty

“My transition out of Major League Baseball into a new chapter of life was a disorienting and chaotic experience, up until recently. For the better part of 7 years I allowed my thoughts to consume me with shame, depression, and anger, beating myself up for the past I could not change while questioning who I was, I was stuck because the game I had drawn my identity from, was over. 

Blood & Ethos provided the Revenant Process where I could exercise my ability to order the chaos in my mind transforming my experience of the past, present, and future, reigniting my passion and excitement for life and releasing the beauty of my family and relationships in my life. 

Blood & Ethos is one of the top 3 best experiences I've had in life, which is why I recommend their training processes all the time - whether it be for transformation, personal growth, business, relationship, leadership, coaching or training their programs are the best I've been involved in. So get curious about what they are up to, your future self will thank you for it - I know mine is."             

- Noah Lowry, Alumnus San Francisco Giants



VIP Life Design Coaching 

A Legendary Life Strategy Program to your personal and/or professional requirements.


The Hero Being Process

Is an online gymnasium for the mind, where you can develop your ability to master change while turning obstacles into opportunities. It is an opening to train yourself to order chaos and release beauty by discovering and re-aligning assumptions that govern your life, transforming your ability to love others while liberating your conscience to heroically fulfill your unique purpose with freedom, love, and creativity.