Heroically Fulfill your Unique Purposes

with Freedom, Passion, and Power.

Is an online gymnasium for the mind, where you can develop your ability to master change while turning obstacles into opportunities. It is an opening to train yourself to order chaos and release beauty by discovering and re-aligning assumptions that govern your life, transforming your ability to love others while liberating your conscience to heroically fulfill your unique purpose with freedom, love, and creativity.


What is The Hero Being Process

You are invited to make the most of the Hero Being Process. Please remember that the content of this training is your life. How you relate to your thoughts about people, circumstances and yourself will be the focus of our work together because all action begins as thought. 

Do you belong to a gym? Staying in shape and being healthy can transform our lives regardless of what we choose to do for work or hobbies. We go the gym to strengthen, stretch and train the spacesuit we call our body, so we can travel on this planet and enjoy our lives while accomplishing our dreams. I go to the gym three or four times a week; it's a sacred time for me. The time I set up and fulfill because it’s valuable for both my body and my mind – releasing any stress I have been carrying while increasing my clarity. I am sharper for my life’s work, my family and my personal enjoyment and longevity.

So, the gym represents more than lifting weights, doing cardiovascular exercises or stretching - it is about the quality of life for the short time I have here on planet earth!

Those who get the most value from the gym are the ones that participate most often. The folks who take the time to set themselves up and discipline themselves to make healthy living a habit!

The same applies to this gym. The more you participate, the more value you get out of it. Participation introduces us to the moment - we need to be here and now, since that is the only place life happens!


  1. How to inquire to inspire and transform obstacles into opportunities.

  2. How to master your perspective using difficult conversations to develop trust and intimacy.

  3. How to get free from shame and blame. No more shoulding on yourself or anybody else.

  4. How to create instead of compete and experience fulfillment and gratitude.

  5. Reinvent life after a profound loss and experience the peace and freedom from the gnawing crisis of anxiety.

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Online Class Curriculum

Eight Week Gymnasium for Your Mind:

  1. Video Classes
  2. Audio Classes
  3. 2 E-Books
  4. Workbook - Journal
  5. Train Your Hero Worksheet
  6. The Process for Prospecting Your Thoughts
  7. Private Online Slack Channel For Participants
  8. Monthly Webinar to train your hero
  9. $1,000 Certificate to any of Blood & Ethos Live Events Including:
    1. The Revenant Process
    2. The Master Coaches Academy
    3. The Efficacius Trainer Academy
    4. VIP Coaching Packages


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