Life Of Meaning

A Life Of Meaning


A life of meaning (ALOM) is the progressive manifestation of a worthy purpose. ALOM is a dedication to something bigger and or other than itself guiding our choices in the face of unchangeable circumstances. It is the opposite of the Ego, which has its purpose but is determined by its circumstance. ALOM chooses its way of being within each circumstance.


Let’s explore this further, shall we?


Neuroscience has demonstrated that the brain’s biological programming has two directives:

-Survive: “Keep the spacesuit alive.”

-Save energy in case it is needed to keep the spacesuit alive.


Our biology is primitive compared to our technological advances! Reacting in survival today can cause more significant damage than ever before in the history of humanity. Using the ego to only think of ourselves, our own survival, our own comfort, our own well being.  The egoic brain is essential for survival, but in life, these are what can destroy in a day what we maybe spent a lifetime creating in a relationship.


And yet, we are biologically predisposed to defend ourselves when there is a perceived threat to our, feeling good, being right or losing control. Once we resist anything, our ego goes on alert and competitive strategies like divide and conquer, bait and switch and passive/aggressive kick in and take over our minds.


People become objects; a means to an end - the fodder of our appetites.


In survival, all other beings are competitors for the limited resources perceived to be at stake and therefore they are not to be trusted. We have all our historical evidence to justify our fear and rage.


The justification is to protect and defend ourselves. Automatic is a defensive lifestyle that always needs a bad guy. Life centers around me and my preservation. In its extreme form, we call it Narcissism.


In a consumer world, where so many of our basic needs are immediately satiable, and the possibilities of tangible goods seem endless; we get bored, restless, feel unfulfilled, dispose of things when they don’t serve us. We are continually seeking "more" and "better." However, it is possible that can become a society that is aware of how our brain is using us (and it isn’t using us for love!) Sometimes these habits spill over into relationships, making people as disposable as an old pair of jeans, or the like.


We have the power to free ourselves from the slavery of our biological bias and put the mind to rest as it employs its magnificent imagination to invent a life of meaning. And it all starts with our in our conversations.


In conversation with other humans, we have much power to access love while overriding the brain's default survival behavior. We can actually re-wire our brains to become more aware of the value of who we are in conversation with and focus it on love and oneness with others. By taking our thoughts off of just ourselves and our needs.


A gift video clip from The Hero Being Process. While you watch it ask yourself, who or what am I hearing when I listen to somebody?


The Power Of Conversation


Keep kicking at the indifference until it bleeds life!


Dan Tocchini

The Hero Being Process


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