"Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood."

Marie Curie


Superstition is defined as "a widely held belief that something is true with little to no evidence." It can be a belief or practice that is not based on provable facts.


The use of superstitions is ancient, particularly because for a long time people didn’t have the science to explain the cause and effect of things that happened, such as certain weather occurrences or illnesses. Instead, these "unlucky" events were often associated with other things that happened (like a black cat crossing your path!)


Derived from a Latin word meaning: "something standing over me producing awe or a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear." The definition gives us a sense of what it means to be under the influence of a superstition.


"Witches are dangerous!" is a statement presupposing witches are real - "witches ARE."


Neuroscience has proven that humans do what we need to do to survive! If "witches ARE," then something must be done about them to protect us! Now we have the context that made the Salem Witch Trials possible!


With superstition, we can create a distraction, fear, or a paranoid sense of truth.  


The use of superstition in Nazi Germany during WWII was extremely effective in accomplishing the desired outcome, "Jews are..." "Catholics are..." "Communists are..." Our Politicians use it on each other, "Republicans are..." "Democrats are..." The Press uses it “The world is…” “The economy is…” “The President is…” The president uses it, “The Press is…” Fear sells!


Superstitions are only dangerous when they are not superstitions. Once we realize something is a superstition, it loses its power "over us," and a new world of possibility opens up.


Think about our everyday superstitions like "I am..." or "you are..." "They are..." and on and on. In the name of protecting ourselves, how many people have we neglected, ignored or attacked, because we believe our superstitions are real? How many gifts have been lost to us because we are superstitious about ourselves, circumstances or others?


Can you think of superstitions that you have about yourself?  Maybe there are some beliefs that you have acquired over time about the people around you, that may not be serving the relationship. How often do you even question your ideas of yourself, others and circumstances? How often do you even question your fear?


What possibilities might open up for you, if you seek a deeper understanding of who and what is in control of your life?  Start with any relationship where you experience insecurity or fear and seek to understand them. Or, are you too superstitious even to ask?


Keep kicking at the indifference until it bleeds life!


Dan Tocchini

The Hero Being Process


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